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Bathtub and/or Shower Repair
tub_repair_before.jpg (24742 bytes)tub_repair_after.jpg (22030 bytes)     tub repair 2 before.JPG (75319 bytes)tub repair 2 after.jpg (52860 bytes)

Pictures #1/#2 - standard repair of damage where something was dropped
Pictures #3/#4 - poorly repaired damage before and after

New Floors in Severely Damaged Tubs and Showers
tub floor before.JPG (77518 bytes)tub floor after.JPG (77504 bytes)     handicapshowerbefore.jpg (23330 bytes)handicapshowerafterglass.jpg (29981 bytes)handicapshowerfinished.jpg (9252 bytes)

If the leak in your tub or shower floor has damaged the support underneath and weakened the floor, we can install a new heavy-duty fiberglass floor and coat it with gel coat that matches the original color.  This method is covered with a 5-year guarantee that it will not crack again where we have installed the new fiberglass.
Picture #1 - badly damaged tub floor including weakened floor support with poorly attempted repairs
Picture #2
- after new tub floor installed
Picture #3/#4/#5 - severely damaged/worn handicap shower floor before, after repairs and fiberglass, completed

Bathtub to Shower Conversion for the Mobility Impaired
tub_conv_before-web.jpg (54123 bytes)tub_conv_after-web.jpg (52543 bytes)

For more information click here

Baptistry Repair and/or Refinishing
baptistry before 2.jpg (48632 bytes)baptistry after 2.jpg (38430 bytes)

Pool Liners, Repairs, and/or Refinishing
Pool slide Repair and/or Refinishing
mpool2before.JPG (85557 bytes)mpool3linerpartial.JPG (75433 bytes)mpool7after.JPG (76226 bytes)    Pool before.jpg (82545 bytes)Pool after.jpg (79898 bytes)

Pictures #1/#2/#3* - The swimming pool in these photographs had a leaky gunite floor with fiberglass wall panels that were in good condition but discolored from age.  We had the old finish sandblasted from both surfaces and installed a fiberglass liner on the floor - connecting the liner to the fiberglass panels.  Then the entire surface of the pool was coated with a gel coat finish.
Pictures #4/#5* - The entire surface of this pool had faded and had many places where the finish had worn off.  The surface was prepared, minor damages were repaired, and a new coat of gel coat was applied.
*(any spots on the finished surfaces are fallen leaves)*

Spa Repair and/or Refinishing
spa-prefin2.jpg (46420 bytes)spa-fin2.JPG (46505 bytes)

A Liner For New Shower Construction Far Superior To Vinyl With The Option To Use It As The Actual Floor Surface
Shower pan before liner.jpg (84383 bytes)shower pan liner.jpg (81615 bytes)    fglass shower floor before gel.jpg (82087 bytes)fglass shower floor after gel.jpg (83363 bytes)

When typical vinyl shower pan liners fail, as they often do, it is costly and messy to have the shower floor torn out and the leaky liner replaced.  More expensive than that can be repairing the damage that the leak has caused to your home.  A fiberglass liner installed sometime during the construction phase provides a virtual fail-proof solution to this problem.  A vinyl liner isn't necessary at all.  The customer then has the option of having ceramic tile installed on top of the liner, or we can coat the liner with gel coat tinted to match your tile or marble and it can be the actual floor of the shower.  
Pictures #1/#2 - the shower floor has been cemented in with a slope toward the drain.  In the second photograph a fiberglass liner has been installed.  The shower is ready to have tile or marble installed over the entire surface or only on the walls, allowing the fiberglass to be the actual floor of the shower.
Pictures #3/#4 - A layer of tile is removed from the bottom of the shower wall in order to allow the fiberglass liner to form a leak-proof pan.  The fiberglass is then coated with gel coat of any color.  The final result is a leak-proof shower floor, ready to have the layer of tile reinstalled over the edge of the fiberglass pan or a new surface of your choice to be installed on the walls.

Minor Automotive Damage
Truck before repair.jpg (81224 bytes)Truck after repair.jpg (80746 bytes)

We Install Fiberglass Liners in Almost Anything!
water fountain.JPG (77127 bytes)water fountain3.JPG (75235 bytes)     reflecting pool before.jpg (83146 bytes)reflecting pool after liner.jpg (82305 bytes)reflecting pool after black gel coat.jpg (84489 bytes)

"We Repair Most Anything Fiberglass!"  (Or We Can Repair Most Anything With Fiberglass)
castle damage.jpg (73338 bytes)castle damage after glass.JPG (85093 bytes)castle-after.JPG (81950 bytes)    school dome damage partially repaired.jpg (34932 bytes)school dome damage finished.jpg (31284 bytes)school dome finished.jpg (82979 bytes)

If Fiberglass Can Fix It - Chances Are We Can Repair It
Industrial Tanks        Motor Homes        And Much, Much More!
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- - - We travel Texas and beyond!  On-site fiberglass work is our specialty! - - -


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